Working The Wetlands during COVID

Just like COVID-19 has shown how people can come together, groups of amazing volunteers have come together to combat invasive species in The Wetlands.

Ten Ways to be a Responsible Park User

We’ve posted here before about how to enjoy the Park safely during coronavirus, but what else can you do to be a good Park visitor? Superintendent Bryce Wilk shared his Top Ten list with us.

A Summer Like No Other

On a typical Summer morning, our James River Park Education Staff would arrive at work early, and get busy laying out equipment and plans for the day. But this is a Summer like no other.

Water Flows Downhill

Many of you likely think of the James only as that ribbon of water that cuts through our city. Sure, it lends its name to our beloved James River Park, but what else do you really know about it?

Use Caution on the River!

As we get into warmer and warmer weather, many of us will partake in one of Richmond’s favorite pastimes: Enjoying the James River. It’s not a water park. There are no lifeguards. It’s a swift-moving river, full of currents, eddies, and rapids – some of them dangerous!