Earth Day in the Park

Superintendent Bryce Wilk came across a ton of volunteers in the James River Park System in the days around Earth Day. They were picking up litter, cleaning the riverbanks, building trails, and more.

A Golden Anniversary? So soon?

Next year will mark 50 years since Charles Schaefer and John Keith, Jr. the donation of land that created the James River Park System. We imagine Schaefer and Keith would be proud of where the Park is today.

The Rites of Spring

As we shake off the Winter cold and return to the outdoors, our local flora and fauna are also adjusting to the weather. The days are warming and growing longer, and with that come the great harbingers of Spring.

Your Annual Water Safety Reminder

The James River is an incredible asset, and provides millions of hours of enjoyment of millions of people. It’s also a powerful body of water, and deserves our respect.