New Year, New Love for the Park

You hopefully started your 2021 with a First Day Hike (or a Day Two- or Three hike!). While our current forecast says that we may see snow by weeks end, it is Richmond in the Winter, so you never know when we’ll get our next taste of mild, Spring-like weather.

Snow Days at the Park

We were lucky enough to get a dusting a week or so ago, and they’re calling for some weather tomorrow. Penelope Davenport, our Outdoor Education Supervisor, shared some thoughts about snowy days in the James River Park.

A Beautiful Park Book! (Updated)

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Delivery of books is delayed due to a COVID-related issue at the printer.
If you’ve already purchased the book, check your email for updates on shipping and pick up dates which will be after the first week of January.
The original book pick up dates of 12/17 and 12/19 will be rescheduled.