Why We Need a Task Force

Visitors to the James River Park System love their river, the canopy of trees, the flowers that appear throughout the season, and the animals that call this ecosystem home. Many of the plants and trees that we see, however, are invasive to the Park, and stifle the growth of heathy, native plant species. These invasive plants change the ecology of the Park, and the Invasive Plant Task Force exists to restore it.

Our Mission & Vision

In 2015, a team of Virginia Master Naturalists, Richmond Tree Stewards, and enthusiastic stakeholders joined forces to mount a strategic, coordinated response to the crisis of invasive plants overwhelming the native flora of the James River Park System. The Task Force fosters a thriving Park ecosystem through invasive plant management, native plant restoration, and engaging the public through education and volunteer involvement.
The RVA Goats work site is just a small part of the 36.4 acre Huguenot Woods Flatwater park system unit.
This is the second annual fall restoration planting in this area previously infested with invasive wintercreeper.
A volunteer frees a tree trunk from aggressively growing English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

Description & purpose

The Invasive Plant Task Force partnered with the private consulting firm Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) to develop a data-driven restoration plan to address the health of the Park’s plant ecosystem. VHB specializes in urban park restoration and relies on the expertise of professional environmental scientists. Members of the Task Force identify target locations for restoration, and schedule regular volunteer opportunities for citizens and Park users to learn more about invasive plants, participate in their safe removal, and introduce fresh populations of native plants.


Participating in habitat restoration may be the most directly satisfying way of showing your support for the Park. Each year, Park users dedicate thousands of volunteer man hours towards saving native trees, removing choking vines, and restoring Park habitats. Task Force members direct all volunteer events, providing education, instruction on safe methods, and even the tools needed to participate.

Contact Us

Reach out for more information about the task force to remove invasive plants from the James River Park System.

Park calendar

Task Force members will provide training, tools, and lots of encouragement. Check out our calendar for upcoming work days at our project areas.

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