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We are citizen stewards of the James River Park. We provide ongoing support for conservation, enhancement, and recreational enjoyment of the James River Park, while protecting its natural and historic environments.

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Know the river level before venturing into the James River. Life jackets are strongly recommended at all water levels due to swift currents, hazards, and unknown depths. River levels between 4 – 5.5ft are ideal for paddle sports, swimming, and other river recreation, while levels above 6ft are much more hazardous. Click on each icon to explore conditions and events in the Park today.

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The River below Richmond is affected by ocean tides

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This 600-acre urban oasis is a pristine bit of wilderness in the heart off Richmond.

News from the park

  • There’s More Than One Way to Show Your Support

    This year we worked with nearly 60 different corporate groups to bring in more than 800 volunteers to help clean up litter, paint over graffiti, work on landscaping, and complete other projects in the Park.

  • Every Kid Deserves Adventure

    Kevin Tobin, Owner of Passages Adventure Camp, shares some words about the Park, the Wood River Run, and the impact we have on kids.

  • Fantastic Fall Events!

    Our inaugural Camera to Canvas was a huge success, and two upcoming events will keep the Park love flowing!

  • “Leave No Trace” is About More Than Trash

    More than once recently we have been made aware of incidents where people have been harvesting rocks directly out of the river, and from other areas of the Park for commercial/artistic use. This is damaging to the Park, and a prime example of inconsiderate Park use.

  • Nothing Royal about Invasive Trees

    It took decades for over twenty Ailanthus altissima and Paulownia tomentosa trees to tower over Riverside Drive and Buttermilk Trail west of the 42nd Street entrance to the James River Park System. But it took just four days to take them down and prevent regrowth of these two invasive tree species.

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    Every month the Friends of James River Park features an individual, recognizing them for their outstanding contributions to the park and the organization. These are our ParkStars.

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