Exploring Riverview Cemetery

This week, Sarah and Penelope took a run through Riverview Cemetery. Just a short distance from downtown, the cemetery is located at 1401 S Randolph St, Richmond, VA 23220; It’s close to Hollywood Cemetery, Oregon Hill, and North Bank Park. Unlike North Bank...

Cauliflory. It’s a Thing.

Happy Friday, JRPS family! Here’s a Nature Nugget that Katie Schmidt posted, with a vocabulary word I’d never heard before! Cauliflory!
Redbuds are blooming around the neighborhood. Their flowers can grow straight from the trunk: cauliflory.

Project Wet Video!

Project WET is a favorite curriculum and activity resource for JRPS education staff. Today, we thought we’d highlight this cute video with a few ideas for activities to do with your preschool-aged kiddos!

Web of Life!

Here’s an activity that’s ideal for the third-grader in your life: Web of Life (or build a food web). We build food webs like this when third grade classes come to visit JRPS educators on field trips, and it’s a great one to work on as a family, at home!

Hello Pink Sorrel!

Good morning Pink Sorrel. This bundle of color has leaves that resemble clover but this belongs to the genus Oxalis (clover belongs to Trifolium).