This week, Sarah and Penelope took a run through Riverview Cemetery.

Just a short distance from downtown, the cemetery is located at 1401 S Randolph St, Richmond, VA 23220; It’s close to Hollywood Cemetery, Oregon Hill, and North Bank Park. Unlike North Bank Park, however, on this lovely (if a little moody) spring day, we had Riverview to ourselves, with only the wildlife to keep us company.


  Can you find the birds in each of these photos?

Riverview is about 90 acres, right next to Hollywood cemetery, and looks out over the James, just as its more prestigious neighbor does.

Dotted with wildflowers and lined with venerable native trees, the cemetery was serene and vibrant on this afternoon.









The meandering roads and roundabouts were perfect for Sarah and Mama to get our heart rates elevated with a good run, but would have been just as well suited for you to stroll for a socially distant walk with a friend, or to lay down some quick miles on your road bike.

Following the outer perimeter of the roads, we logged 1.8 miles, which I believe you can see here (no comments on my pace, please!): Afternoon Walk _ Walk _ Strava. As (I hope) you can see, you can add a lot more mileage into your stroll/run/road ride by looping around all of those internal meanders– maybe we’ll be up for that on the next run.




Oh, and for those of you going out to explore, make sure to find this guy!

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