Project WET is a favorite curriculum and activity resource for JRPS education staff. Today, we thought we’d highlight this cute video with a few ideas for activities to do with your preschool-aged kiddos!

Challenge your little ones to find household objects (or go on a hike in your neighborhood and gather objects from nature.) Discuss the objects together. What are their names? Will they sink or float? Fill a container half full of water, and do a science experiment! Put each object in the water, and watch to see if it sinks or floats! There are lots of ways to customize this lesson: do it as part of bath time, leave the objects in the water for prolonged periods, introduce the vocabulary word, “hypothesis.” Make hypotheses together and write them down, or make a table together and write down each guess on one side and the conclusion on the other side. Or, just watch objects to see if they sink or float. Can you surprise yourself? Most importantly, have fun!

At-Home Pre-K Water Exploration from Project WET on Vimeo.