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Pony Pasture’s History is in its Name

May 31, 2018 | News

Prior to the City’s 1970 annexation, Pony Pasture was part of Chesterfield County, and it was also a pony pasture. According to Michele Garrigan, who had her ponies there in the mid 1960s, the pasture was home to a number of horses and ponies owned by families living in the houses nearby. She remembers growing up near Pony Pasture “as a huge playground and fun place to grow up near, and hang out with the ponies.” There was a barn where the kiosk now stands and the parking lot was a meadow. People driving by would stop to pet the ponies through the fence. During floods, and there were a few, she would bring her ponies home to a pen in her yard.

In the 1972 John W. “Jack” Keith, Jr., and Charles J. “Joe” Schaefer became owners of several islands and parcels along the River which they then donated to the City with the agreement that it would become public parkland. This donated land is now the Reedy Creek area of the Park. Since then the Park has expanded to over 600 acres with 20 individual parcels.


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