Virtual Summer Camps

Howdy, families! Here’s a full list of all of the virtual camps that JRPS will be hosting this summer. You can register by emailing [email protected], or call us at (804)921-8089! Wetlands Camp: Wetlands in the James River Parks System provide ripe ground for new adventures and discoveries. The spongy soil, murky waters, and wealth of […]

Working The Wetlands during COVID

Just like COVID-19 has shown how people can come together, groups of amazing volunteers have come together to combat invasive species in The Wetlands.

Wetlands Camp VIDEOS!

Welcome to Virtual Wetlands Camp! This is your one-stop spot to watch Wetlands videos throughout the week! First up, on MONDAY if you’re following along with our suggested schedule, Amanda and Tyler introduce the James River Park Wetlands to you. We hope you get out to explore the Wetlands with your family today! CLICK HERE […]