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This Summer Make a Plan to Become River Friendly

May 31, 2018 | News

The James River provides more than a beautiful backdrop for our beloved James River Park. Beyond the numerous recreational activities, it supplies drinking water for our communities, employment for commercial fisherpersons and revenue from tourist visitation.

Many of us don’t realize the first step to a cleaner James River starts in our own backyard. Stormwater runoff is one of the largest threats to river health. Every time it rains fertilizers, herbicides, bacteria from pet waste, and chemicals flow from our properties to the James, making it unsafe for people and wildlife.

You can help mitigate damage from many of these threats. Take these simple steps to improve the health of your river:

  • Pick up pet wastes and dispose of them properly
  • Reduce or eliminate use of pesticides
  • Plant native plants to support wildlife and reduce watering needs
  • Install a rain harvesting system
  • Use mulch and compost instead of inorganic fertilizers

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