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Salamanders Migrating

Mar 1, 2018 | News

yellow spotted salamander

Every year an early March warm spell creates the perfect conditions for the Yellow Spotted Salamander migration. When daytime temperatures are about 60 degrees and there is a heavy rain the salamanders stir into action. That evening they trek toward their breeding site in a vernal pool near Pony Pasture.

The Yellow Spotted Salamander lives a very secret life. It spends the majority of its life hiding under rocks, logs or squatting in the burrows of other animals. But if you venture out on such an evening when the conditions are right, you can catch a glimpse of these beautifully colored amphibians.

You’ll find them behind the “Road Closed” signs set up on Riverside Drive to protect the salamanders as they migrate to their pond. This annual migration is your best chance to see these wonderful creatures.


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