A friend of ours is a die-hard Yankees fan. He lives and breathes New York pinstripes.

He converted his garage into a New York Yankees shrine, with posters, pennants, hats, and a refrigerator. When the Yankees built a new stadium in the Bronx, he knew that he had an historic opportunity. So he drove up to visit “The House that Ruth Built”.

During baseball season, you can find him in his garage, screaming at his big screen television, while sitting in a row of original fold-down, wooden bleacher seats from old Yankee Stadium.

We may not have the history or notoriety of the legendary Yankees, but now you, too, can have an historic opportunity to own some James River Park System memorabilia.

Trail Hut was founded by Richmonder Evan Garrison with the mission to make outdoor experiences more accessible, more sustainable, and more community centered. They rent and repair outdoor adventure gear, and work as a sort of consignment shop for gently used clothing, tents, climbing ropes, and more. Trail Hut currently has a hoard of gently used James River Park signs.

Want a “high water” warning? A huge metal Park map? An admonition to pick up your litter?

Trail Hut has one. And each sign comes from inside the James River Park System. Bet of all, the proceeds from the sale of each sign helps to fund the programs, initiatives, and improvements spearheaded by the Friends of the James River Park System.

Follow this link to see Trail Hut’s sign collection.

Trail Hut signs