Invasive Species Awareness Week!

We’re always working to improve the experience for everyone who enjoys the James River Park System, and much of that work is fostering a healthy natural environment. This means working to reduce litter, providing proper access to the trails and the James River, and more. One of our more persistent and ongoing tasks is the removal of invasive plants.

Invasive species—animal, plant, pathogen—wreak havoc on ecosystems by outcompeting native species, overrunning habitats, and decimating diversity. More than fifty invasive plant species from English ivy to Chinese privet threaten the well being and future of our parks, smothering trees and wiping out wildflowers. Since 2015 the Invasive Plant Task Force and volunteers have been hard at work to rescue and restore natural areas throughout the park system. Now is the perfect time to join them.

February 27th through March 5th is National Invasive Species Awareness Week, and our Invasive Plant Task Force has a full calendar of events planned. There will be opportunities to volunteer in the James River Park System, guided walks and educational programs, and a celebratory “Boogie for the Biosphere” on Friday, March 4th at Richmond’s Legend Brewery.

To learn more about the invasive plants that inhabit the James River Park System, click here.

Those wishing to volunteer or learn more about how to properly remove invasive plants should visit this link.

See the flyer below, or contact Laura Greenleaf, founder of the James River Park System Invasive Plant Task Force.

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