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Update December 7, 2020: Bill Lohmann in the Richmond Times Dispatch did a great piece on Bill Draper! You can read it here!

As we write this, the James River is absorbing the rains from yet another tropical system and is rising to levels we’ve not seen in almost two decades. When that water recedes, there will no doubt be a lot of cleanup needed, and that will take some money.

While we count on the hundreds and hundreds of volunteer hours we receive each year, your membership and donations help to fund many of the initiatives and much of the work that keeps the Park moving forward. We’re super excited to present another way to provide that support!

Bill Draper is a true lover of our great outdoors, and a true friend of the James River Park System. He’s also a gifted photographer, and gathered a fantastic collection of his favorite pictures from around the Park to include in a deluxe coffee table book.

“A Photographic Journey Through the James River Park System” is available now!

While many of us have sought the comfort of the Park during our pandemic, this book would make a welcome gift for those who savor a visit. We can’t thank Bill enough for his artful vision, and we hope that you’ll put his book on your wish list.