Park rules & Safety

The James River Park System is a free and public park available to anyone living in or visiting Richmond. We ask that you observe these rules in order to protect the Park and each other. If you see something of concern in the Park (graffiti, large amounts of trash, trees down across main trails, fires of any sort, unruly behavior, etc.) please use the non-emergency number above.

park rules

Safety Tips

TRail Rules

River Safety

Heading out for a float or paddle on the James? Run through this checklist before you go to ensure conditions are safe!

GPS Tags

While you’re in the Park look for the red and brown location tags. These tags provide GPS information to emergency services and are the fastest way for responders to find your location should you call for assistance.

They also help police find the source of a non-emergency concern should you see and want to report something out of the ordinary in the Park.


Report an Issue Form

To report an emergency please call 911 immediately. Please use this form to report an issue in the Park such as maintenance or trail issues. Thank you.

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