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A Little Bit of Wilderness in the City

The James River Park’s natural beauty is a welcome oasis for visitors. Celebrated for its wildlife, water access points, multi-use trails, fisheries and birding, the park offers unique adventure opportunities for everyone.

All park sections are open from sunrise to sunset, 365 days a year, except for the Potterfield Bridge, which is accessible 24 hours a day. For information about locations, activities, parking and everything else you need to plan your visit, explore below.

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Use Alternate Transportation

Alternate transportation options are available and are a great way to get to the park. If you must drive, we strongly suggest carpooling. During sunny summer weekends, heavy traffic and parking congestion is normal at many sections of the park. If arriving after 10 a.m., visitors should use off-site parking options or consider using alternative methods of transportation.

When do I need a life jacket or permit?

By law, when water levels are at 5 feet and above at the Westham Gauge, everyone on the river must wear a life jacket. When water levels are at 9 feet or above, no one is allowed on the river without a high water permit. To get a high water permit from Fire Station 13 at 411 E. Commerce Rd., call 804-646-8296.

Remember — life jackets save lives!

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