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The FOJRP Preservation and Protection Fund was established to preserve and protect the parklands of the James River Park:

  • Preserve Urban Wilderness: Preserve and conserve the James River Park’s natural beauty and to advocate for the region’s indigenous plants and wildlife.
  • Protect Parklands: Work in conjunction with the Park’s Conservation Easement to protect parklands from any possible development or commercial use.
  • Expand Current Boundaries: Coordinate with Richmond City leaders and private landowners of adjacent properties to advance the expansion of James River Park property.
  • Respond to Catastrophic Events: Stabilize and repair damage to James River Park property made by natural or man-made disasters.

Donations to this fund are held for these purposes and do not support the annual needs of the Park. Donate to the P & P Fund online below or download the FOJRP Support Form (PDF).

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Our Initial Goal is Met!

In 2016 we met our initial goal of raising $100,000! We continue to grow this fund to enable us to respond quickly to opportunities as they are presented.


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