If you’re like most of America, you’re spending a lot of time getting reacquainted with your kitchen. Your sofa probably hasn’t seen this much of you in years.

But it’s Spring, a beautiful, sunny day with mild temperatures, and you’re itching to get outside.

That’s fine, and there’s a ton you can do to enjoy the weather, but you have to be smart about it.

First and foremost, if you’ve been diagnosed with the coronavirus, you need to stay inside. Likewise, if you’re displaying symptoms or have been around someone who may be infected, then close the door. The James River Park System is not a good idea.

Know also that many of your favorite spots are closed right now. Even outside of the Park, playgrounds, basketball courts, dog parks and the like are off limits. If it’s an area that encourages crowds, stay away. This is Social Distancing!

Social distancing continues when you go outside. Being out and about doesn’t eliminate the Six-Foot Rule! If you’re out for a jog, and find yourself behind some walkers on a trail, make some noise and let them know you’re coming so that you can give each other a wide berth. Likewise those on bicycles and walkers themselves. Smile, move aside, and politely keep your distance.

We’ve gotten pretty good about being cautious about doorknobs and washing our hands, but remember that you can bring the virus INTO the Park if you’re not careful. The CDC has some instructions about personal hygiene, and those rules should be followed before you enter the Park. You wouldn’t bring your trash down to the James River, so take care not to bring your germs!

And speaking of the River, as nice as the weather is today, sunbathing and swimming is off-limits until we get the All Clear.

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