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dragonflies and damselflies Order: Odonata

Native to Virginia

Dragonflies and Damselflies Factsheet

Odonata -- Dragonflies and Damselflies

The damselfly American Rubyspot

Could there be a more fascinating creature than a dragonfly? The life cycle of dragons and damsels moves between the aquatic (egg and larval stages) and the terrestrial (adult) worlds. Larger species can have life spans of up to 5 years, mostly spent as a developing larva in a water environment.

Recorded activity in the James River Park

From water to air, the lives of odonates undergo dramatic change. This insect predates the dinosaurs by 100 million years. Dragonflies and damselflies were the first aerial predators, dominating the sky with a powerful 2 1/2 ft wingspan. Today, they are smaller, but there are 6,000 species worldwide, many of which live here in the James River Park.

Odonates from Friends of James River Park on Vimeo.