The James River Park System - Richmond, VA

Science in the Park


Science in the Park provides science-focused educational materials about the geology, habitats, and flora and fauna of the James River Park System in Richmond, VA.

We hope to enrich the Park experience for local and regional school systems, communities, visitors and regular users of the park through web-based, self-directed explorations, guides, videos, and lesson plans. Only when people know something can they love it; only when people love something will they cherish and protect it.
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Rock Pools
Urban Forest

Our project has been funded by ALTRIA. It is a collaborative effort between Virginia Commonwealth University’s Rice Rivers Center, Department of Biology, Ralph White, the Friends of the James River Park, the City of Richmond’s James River Park System, and many, many other talented and knowledgeable individuals.


The Invasion

Green is everywhere in the James River Park System – in the forests, on the forest floor, on the hillsides and in the fields. But green is not always a good thing, even in a natural area park.

Often the plants covering the ground, the tree trunks, and reaching far up into the forest canopy are unwelcome introductions from far off lands. They are smothering and damaging our native plants and trees and are threatening the health of the Park's habitats and wildlife.

Find out about this problem and join the community of volunteers dedicated to restoring the Park to a healthy and sustainable urban wilderness that people and wildlife deserve.

The Invasion from Science in the Park on Vimeo.