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Fairy Shrimp
Eubranchipus vernalis
Family: Chirocephalidae

Omnivore / Prey
Native to Virginia

Fairy Shrimp Factsheet

Fairy Shrimp

Fairy Shrimp

The Eastern fairy shrimp is a unique crustacean that inhabits isolated wetlands or vernal pools. These ephemeral waters dry up and refill seasonally, and do not support fish populations, a benefit for the fairly large and slow swimming fairy shrimp.

Recorded activity in the James River Park

Hidden deep within the Wetlands area in the James River Park there lives a creature whose ancestors span back a half a billion years.

Fairy Shrimp from Friends of James River Park on Vimeo.

Imagine Science logoFilmed in the Wetlands area of the James River Park System, this video is narrated by Ralph White, Park Manager Emeritus, and introduces us to the fairy shrimp.

Fairy Shrimp was selected to be in the 6th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival in New York. The screening took place at the New School Tishman Theater on Oct. 18, 2013.