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Riverside Meadows

Launchpad for the River

The grassy 2-acre parcel known as Riverside Meadow Greenspace, half-mile west of Pony Pasture on Riverside Dr., is a small but active part of the JRPS.

Groups like Riverside Outfitters and True Timber Tree Service launch rafts and climb trees here. The Richmond Fire Department practices river rescues from this meadow. Patient wildlife watchers can see bald eagles, otters, osprey and great blue herons. The Z-Dam connects the meadow to Williams Island across the river and kayakers often surf the powerful notch in the dam.

It’s also common for people to set up chairs, blankets and even grills, then settle in for the day. The area is well-attended by walkers, joggers, bikers, bird-watchers, fishermen and paddlers. The view of the James River and Pony Pasture Rapids from the meadow is unmatched. This is a walk or bike-in spot only. No parking, but nice fishing and wading.


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Parking: No parking, walk or bike-in only

Hours: Sunrise to sunset

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