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Walk with a View

The Pipeline Rapids walkway may be downtown Richmond’s best kept secret. And it’s a wonderful place to watch nature and escape the city for even just a few minutes. From the parking lot, you walk to a metal ladder then descend to the metal catwalk atop the pipeline, which offers views of the Pipeline Rapids.

When water levels are up, just watching the river rage is enough — sometimes its too loud to hear the person next to you speak. When the river is low, giant granite boulders are exposed.

Also on view are Bailey’s Island and Devil’s Kitchen Island in the center of the river. These islands host nests of different species of birds.

The pipeline carries storm water to a holding tank located beyond the Mayo Bridge. Please pay attention to water levels for safety’s sake. And maybe cock an eye at the CSX railway viaduct overhead. There is a bike rack and although the ladder at the eastern end of the catwalk is still an obstacle for some, there is a new wooden staircase.


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Location Details

Parking: End of South 12th St., 7 spaces for cars

Bike racks: yes

Hours: Sunrise to sunset

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