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Friends of James River Park
November 2013 - In This Issue:
San Francisco Zip Line April 8 - April 18, 2010
The company provided this example of a similar installation in San Francisco.
Zip line proposal threathens Conservation Easement

Are you aware of a California company that wants to put a zip line across the James? Sounds exciting, you think, at least at first. Fun, too! But as you consider the full impact this venture would have on our natural and protected wilderness Park, you realize the following: there would be towers marring our skyline and our land; the development would violate the Conservation Easement protecting the wilderness-ness that characterizes most of the James River Park System. Although a zip line could be exciting and cool, it must be sited in another location - and not in our Park System. The mission of the Friends is to protect the JRPS.

Conservation easement documentation calls our Park. "Unique, environmentally sensitive, immensely popular and invaluable to the character of the City," but also "vulnerable to misuse." The JRPS' location in downtown Richmond makes it especially appealing to developers intent on capitalizing on the renewed interest in the downtown area. Without the protection that conservation easements offer, these properties could be lost forever." Sometimes the Friends must stand firm!


The Friends have worked diligently with many agencies over the past year and a half to preserve our salamander mating pools. Thanks to the Departments of Parks and Recreation, Public Utilities, neighbors along Riverside Drive, dedicated board members and our amazing Park staff, all elements will soon be in place to insure a healthy environment for the Spotted Salamander's continued breeding success. This combined effort, which includes a community resident, Mr. Phil Gardner, shows how we all can work together to protect the Park-especially when our mighty mascot, the Spotted Salamander, is at risk!
Meet the new officers. Change begins with December meeting

Please note a change in our Board meeting schedule. Starting in December we will meet on first Tuesdays, not Mondays as has been the case, at 6:30 at the Visitors' Center at Reedy Creek. You are welcome to join in any month. Come and meet our newly elected slate of officers: President again, Phil Dawson, Vice President, Nancy Fowler, Secretary, PJ Fanning, Treasurer again, Myrna Hartley and Events Planner, Adrienne Cox. Just cross the railroad tracks and park at the Visitors' Center. We'd love to see you!


Great Shiplock and Chapel Island Parks reopen
Great Shiplock and Chapel Island Parks have been reopened. Enjoy easy access to the river from the city's East End, Schockoe Slip and Bottom! Also in the East End of the city, join member Paul Keifer on his popular monthly River Walks.

Swimming with Dinosaurs
How about the James River sturgeon successes which made National Parks magazine? Read Swimming with Dinosaurs »

Walking on Water
Are you keeping up with news of a potential walkway connecting Brown's Island to Manchester? Read Walkway would connect Brown's Island to Manchester »

Dog Poop

Thanks to all who pick up after their pooches. Nathan reports that sometimes the trash cans are so full, that it takes two strong men to empty them. WOW--that is impressive!!

Proposed monorail downtown, circa 1969. Bridge on the left is Robert E. Lee Bridge. Image courtesy of The Richmond Times Dispatch.

Park archive started 


Do you have any articles about the James River, the Park System, or about the Park workers? We have started a collection of the history of the JRPS, with all of the newspaper clippings carefully put into sleeves for protection and ease of access. The earliest article we found is from the 1960's!


Please clip and save any published info then mail it to FoJRP at: P.O. Box 4453, Richmond, VA 23220. Better yet, bring it to a Board meeting.

Monthly Volunteer Days

Coming soon . . . a monthly Friends' Volunteer Day. What a cool idea! Go, now, and collect up your mud boots, gloves, and hat-stash them by the door. Also watch for new volunteer software, which will allow Nathan and the Friends to better coordinate volunteer events.


Did you know that pedestrians have the right of way on ALL trails in the Park, except those marked Bicycles Only. Please be courteous when passing walkers; if you have a bell, use it or call out, "On your left" or "on your right". It's common courtesy and will prevent those enjoying the Park from being forced off the trails. This is also critical behavior for Park Visitors tending their kids or their dogs (on leash, woof)!



Our Mission
The Friends of James River Park is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) organization created by a dedicated group of citizens in 1999. Our mission is to provide an ongoing source of citizen support for the conservation, enhancement, and enjoyment of the 550-acre James River Park System and its natural and historic environments.