Summer Solstice Celebration ~ June 21
Turning Basin at 8:30 PM

Directed by our river guru and storyteller par excellence Ralph White, the Friends will continue a summer solstice tradition by lighting and releasing candles to float upon the canal at the Turning Basin, arrive at 8:30 p.m. for a 9 o'clock launch. As Ralph will remind us, the custom of lighting a candle and then setting it afloat on the Summer Solstice also will set your concerns and worries free as they drift away in the moonlight -- if there is moonlight, and we hope there will be! You won't want to miss this Romantic RVA evening!


Firefly Foray ~ June 28
JRPS Wetlands at 9 PM

This is a great summer activity for children and those of us who still feel the nostalgia of summer evenings lit by our friends the Fireflies. Meet Ralph White at the Landria Drive entrance to Wetlands at 9 p.m. for an hour of identifying 5 different types of fireflies. Who knew those little buggers had such variety? And, how do you tell? Well, bring a flashlight (equipped with red plastic wrap over the light if you have it) and Ralph White will show you. Also bring some insect repellent to ward off the mean ones; especially if you are one of those people who attract such critters (smack! got it!).

Sunday in the Park ~ June 30
Forest Hill Park from 12:00 - 5:00 PM

The Friends will staff a table at this exciting festival in beautiful (and beautifully restored) Forest Hill Park from noon to 5 p.m. Summer is outdoor time -- come make the most of it by joining us in Forest Hill Park! Volunteer along with a seasoned Board Member, hanging out at our table, and teaching new friends about the James River Park System! You might even help us to put salamander tatoos on willing youngsters and young-at-heart-sters.

How, you ask? E-mail [email protected].

Forum on Dogs in the Park ~ July 9
Tuckahoe Library from 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Greg Brittingham, a professional group facilitator and expert in strategic planning, has agreed to facilitate the FORJP Dogs in the Park Forum. This Forum, of interest to many -- perhaps most -- JRPS visitors, will be held on Tuesday, July 9th at the Tuckahoe Library, 1901 Starling Drive (off of Parham Rd) from 6:30-8:30 PM. Note that this event will end on time as library staff plan to go home at their usual time.

The purpose of the Dogs in the Park Forum will be for FOJRP members to express their views and opinions regarding pet management in the Parks and, most particularly, in the Pony Pasture and Wetlands areas. The outcome of the Forum will be a recommendation from FOJRP regarding management of dogs (including matters such as leash laws, dogs in the river, dog dookies, and other K-9 concerns) that will be presented to JRPS Superintendent and Director of Richmond City Animal Care and Control. Recent events, in combination with changes in key leadership personnel sparked (yes, sparked, not barked) the need to revisit canine management.

The FoJRP Dog Forum is open to current FOJRP MEMBERS ONLY. No reporters or news media will be admitted. Sorry, no dogs either (except for Service Animals), but DVDs will be available for your pet to view at home. OK, kidding about the DVD.


If you see something out of the ordinary in the Park, you may report it (and we hope you will) at this non-emergency police number: 804-646-5100

Reportable things include problems in the park system (of natural or human origin) -- graffiti, large amounts of trash, trees down across main trails, fires of any sort, really unruly behavior, etc.

Pick Up The Poop/Don't Pollute

Pick up the dookies~Don't pollute and Keep in mind the Park leash law for your K9 companion!


Pups in the Park

Pick up the poop~Don't pollute and Keep in mind the Park leash law for your K9 companion!

If you see something out of the ordinary in the Park,
you can report it at this non-emergency police number 804-646-5100.

Volunteer in the Park, email [email protected]

See you in the Park!

Friends of James River Park
PO 4453
Richmond, Virginia 23220