March 2013

Have you noticed more James River Park System plates when you're driving about town?  Do you find yourself trying to catch up with that car to see if you know the driver?  Well you'll be seeing even more because . . . license plate

James River Park license plates are now making money!  

We've surpassed the 1,000 plate plateau and all proceeds for plates from now on will earn money for the park. Congratulations to all who have purchased a plate so far and now when you renew a portion of that money goes to the Park.  If you haven't yet ordered yours "just do it" by going to the DMV Specialty License Plate section!

Enjoy this article, The Mighty James, in the Richmond Alumni Magazine 


Check out the event/volunteer calendar on our website: jamesriverpark.org, join in to meet other river lovers and help preserve our park!

You can start on Saturday 

Riverside Drive/Pony Pasture clean up on Saturday the 16th from 9:30am-12:00pm. Meet @ pony pasture parking lot wearing get down and dirty clothes, shoes, gloves and bring some grocery store plastic bags. Don't forget water! 

You Should Know ...


The James River Park Conservation Easement is a legal agreement that protects areas of James River Park from being developed or sold. With the Richmond area's current rate of growth, areas of wilderness within the city limits are becoming more and more scarce. The land that sits on the river front is very attractive for developers to build upon, and would be a big money maker if the city ever decided to sell it. The Conservation Easement ensures us that James River Park land is protected FOREVER, so that future generations may enjoy the park as we do today. There will never be a tennis court, playground, taco stand, or wine bar built on James River Park land, or anything else that would disrupt the natural beauty. Although there are plenty of places along the river front that would be great places to sit on a terrace and enjoy a meal overlooking the beautiful river, they need to be built outside of the park boundaries. In the words of Ralph White, James River Park is "our little bit of wilderness in the heart of the city", and it will remain so for future generations of Richmonders thanks to the Conservation Easement.  The Friends along with other river partners have recently completed the annual inspection of the Easement. 


You Should Know ...


Ralph White News

When we see you in the community you ask about Ralph.  At our March Board Meeting, Ralph White was unanimously awarded a Lifetime Membership to the Friends of the James River Park. We look forward to Ralph continuing to serve and influence the James River Park System through our organization.


It's spring.   

Tshirts required.  

Wear your Park colors.   

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