Boathouse at Rockett's Landing Event 1/20

Thursday, January 20th, from 4-6 we'll be at The Boathouse at Rockett's Landing to hear our own Anne Wright say a few words about water quality and conservation as we take part in a reception that welcomes the new riverside sculpture created by Richmonder Charles Ponticello. RSVP is required at [email protected] The Boathouse needs to have an accurate count, so please let them know by 1/16. Hope you can come!

Rocketts Landing
 Make your existing home perfect to sell, and your new home perfect for you. 

Interior Rocketts Landing and the Friends of James River Park invite you to spend an afternoon celebrating Richmond's greatest natural resource. On Thursday, January 20th the James River will provide the perfect backdrop to welcome the riverfront's newest addition: The Deepwater Sponger.

Charles Ponticello, the sculpture's creator, constructed this six-foot masterpiece as a message to the world: No water No life. His sculpture is inscribed with this thoughtful phrase to remind passersby to be considerate when enjoying this natural resource. Ponticello's passion is helping people realize the importance of water so they truly understand its delicate nature.

Anne Wright, Coordinator of Life Sciences Outreach Education and Assistant Professor of Biology at VCU, will also be speaking about water quality and conservation.

Join us for this reception at Richmond's only riverfront restaurant where you will enjoy breathtaking views of the James River over wine and hors d'oeuvres.


Thursday, January 20th from 4 to 6 p.m.
at The Boathouse at Rocketts Landing
Space is limited so RSVP by January 14th to [email protected]
and let us know if you are bringing a guest.  

Good News! James River Park License Plate count at 340 and climbing!!!

I drove by the Atlantic Coast Railway Bridge on Riverside Drive the other day and came upon a version of the view that will grace our James River Park System license plates and stopped my car to soak it in. The view toward the river and bridge was awe-inspiring, as is the view toward our official counter's dining room table. 340 license plate applications and counting!!! We are going to get this, people! Still need many who have paid on PayPal to send or fax in their actual applications, so the tally adds up, but we can almost taste victory!


Del. McQuinn will introduce the bill to make the plates official, the General Assembly had better approve it, DMV will make them, and we will wear them with pride. The swelling of community pride that we've seen from so many quarters has also been awe-inspiring. This park strikes a chord with people, as you well know. Folks who have never heard of FOJRP want to be connected to the JRPS, contribute to it, and show their pride in it. Our job is to take that connection and turn it into events and projects that help people contribute, so that we can build on Ralph's, Nathan's, Peter's, and the rest of the staff's  hard work and dedication. 


Handily, our James River Park License plate is not the first item on the General Assembly's agenda this month, and we are still greedy for more completed applications. (Remember, we need to hit 1001 on the road before it becomes a revenue stream for FOJRP.) Just $25 to show your pride in one of the best places in Richmond. Please send in your application now and help spread the word to park-lovers around town.  We're putting the champagne on ice and will let you know when we can celebrate!



You can get all the information and the application and pay by check or with PayPal at www.jamesriverpark.org. We really appreciate your help in making this plate a reality. 


Friends of James River Park
PO 4453
Richmond, Virginia 23220