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Sometime soon on a cold rainy night, a migration will take place....  

Keep your nights free and your raincoats and headlamps handy....




Celebrate the Spotted Salamander!

The James River Park's Icon, the Spotted Salamander, is on target for mating. The vernal pool along Riverside Drive contains egg masses that we hope will result in a successful breeding season this year. The pool, maintained by Park staff, will remain full for the mating and larval season and drained before mosquito season!




Remember: take a trash bag with you on your Park hikes. There's lots of debris to be picked up from the recent floods!





Friends gather to celebrate the end of an outstanding career for Ralph White


Ralph White leaves quite a legacy to our River City. Nathan Burrell, Park Trail Manager and well experienced Park "Guy", will fill Ralph's shoes temporarily as interim Park manager while the search for a replacement for our illustrious leader goes on. Perhaps you would like to have a voice in actions taken by and for the Park. If you have the love and passion for our River Park, you should come out to Friends board meetings on first Mondays at 6:30 pm at the Park Visitors Center at Reedy Creek. It's a most beautiful location and you get to break the rules and drive across the railroad tracks just this one day each month!



Still looking for a way to thank our favorite Park Naturalist, Ralph White?  

The James River Park Conservation Easement carries out Ralph's vision for the Park's future and protects it from being developed or being sold. Please join others in making a donation in honor of Ralph White.


With your help, the James River Park Protection and Preservation Fund can:

  • Preserve Urban Wilderness: Continue Ralph White's dedication to our region's natural beauty and its indigenous plants and wildlife;
  • Expand Park Boundaries: Coordinate with landowners and corporations so that areas like Williams Island, which was added to the park system this year, can continue to expand the James River Park System;
  • Respond to Catastrophic Events: Stabilize James River Park lands in response to the ravages of the hurricanes, tropical storms and other natural and man made disasters through emergency funding.
  • Enhance Educational Opportunities: Expand educational programs, conservation training, and environmental guidance to the over half-million annual visitors;

For more information on the fund, or to donate on line, go to: http://www.jamesriverpark.org/be-a-friend/make-a-donation.php#preservation 




Bring Your Smart Phone to Belle Isle

This summer you will be able to explore the ancient rocks and geologic history of the Fall Zone on walking tours around Belle Isle.  It's easy!  Just bring your smart phone with you.  Download the link, follow the directions, and enjoy your self-guided tour.  The project is currently in its Beta-testing phase.  When complete, 2 geology tours along the shores of Belle Isle and a vegetation guide for the rock pools will be available.  The tours are designed for the general public, high school and middle school students and teachers, and environmental educators. So when you are enjoying those lazy, hazy, crazy, days of summer bring your family to the Park to explore Belle Isle through the eyes of a geologist.  We thank Anne Wright for securing the grant and leading this innovative project.


Stay tuned to our website, jamesriverpark.org, and click on the Facebook f for updates and events!




Support Our Park

Do you love the river? How about your Valentine? A James River Park System license plate might be the perfect Valentine gift! Order yours now on the DMV site and support the Park:  





license plate

You know you want one!


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