Yes, Virginia, there is a JRPS License Plate! 

FOJRP board member Warren Foster, who started this JRPS license plate scheme a couple of years ago, had the honor of going to DMV last week to see and approve our new Virginia license plate!  It's been a long time coming, but here it (almost!) is! It's she lovely!

license plate 

DMV is ordering the steel, and though the plate(s) so many of us pre-ordered in 2010 or 2011 won't arrive for this holiday season, they should arrive in our mailboxes in February or March. We know it's been hard to be patient and we thank all of you who ordered them so long ago. In early 2012, anyone who wants one of these beauties will be able to order their own JRPS license plate through the DMV site. We'll keep you posted.  


December Meeting Highlights

Unfortunately, Dr. Merrifield couldn't attend our December meeting because Mayor Jones needed him elsewhere, but he sent his worthy comrades, Larry Miller and Mary Lois Mitchum, long-time RPRCF employees and JRPS-lovers, in his place. We had a great, wide-ranging discussion and made progress on several fronts. Larry mentioned that in his career here he has worked with 23 different directors (including himself as an interim), and made it clear that we've got a good one in Dr. Merrifield, who has been down at the James with his fishing rod on occasion. We made plans to connect with him soon. We appreciate the time Mary Lois and Larry took to discuss the future of JRPS.

We also heard the official word from beloved Park Manager, Ralph White, that he will retire in Jan. '13. After all Ralph has done for the JRPS and the city, it will be impossible to fill his shoes (and kneesocks!), but we are glad we can spend this next year showing him how much he means to us. It is no hyperbole to say that Ralph and his work in the JRPS has improved and enriched the lives of millions of people, and will continue to. Pretty cool. We're so thankful to be among those who know and love him.   

December Events  

This Saturday, Dec. 10th you have lots of chances to give and receive holiday cheer. From 9:30-1, pull invasive vines and plant bluebells and Dutchman's Britches at Pony Pasture along with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and us.  

After 5,  go downtown to Libby Hill Park and see from afar the James River Advisory Council's James River Parade of Lights with boats aglow and hot dogs and hot chocolate in hand. The boats arrive right at 6 p.m., so don't miss it!

Tuesday, Dec. 13th is the last public forum on the Riverfront Master Plan at 6 p.m. at the Virginia War Memorial. See details here.

Lastly, on Thursday, Dec. 22nd, we'll have a Winter Solstice Celebration on Belle Isle. Meet on the Tredegar St. side of the Belle Isle Pedestrian Bridge at 4:30 to walk across the river for a simple and heartwarming gathering where we thank the JRPS employees and contemplate the beauty of a winter's night.
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Give a gift of FOJRP membership to those who love the JRPS. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy all over, and make the park a better place all year-round. Thanks for your support!

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