April 2013

 Celebrate Earth Day - Saturday, April 20  

with the Friends 


Pair with a board member and volunteer at our table. Contact us:

[email protected]  We'll be at the Turning Basin from 11 - 5.   


Join us for a chat and take a guided Heron Rookery Tour with Park guru, Ralph White.  He'll be  leading folks to the Heron Rookery, a short walk away, at 12, 2 and 4.   (You should know, there is a steep ladder to climb down and back up in order to get on the beach to view the herons.) Bring your binoculars! 




The Park's Pride -The Spotted Salamanders 



After diligent work by Park staff and the Friends it looks like a very successful Spotted Salamander season. Here you see one of roughly 50 egg masses about to hatch in our Salamander Pool along Riverside Drive. The pool is maintained by Park staff with the authority of Department of Public Utilities, Department of Parks and Recreation and overseen by Anne Wright, Environmental Outreach Education VCU Rice Center and FoJRP board member. Our salamanders have thrived in this vernal pool which fills during the rainy winter and spring seasons to provide a friendly habitat for the "cuties" and then drains with the drier summer weather and therefore is not a wet area for mosquitoes to thrive. Please read further:



Birding Tour & Fundraiser


On April 28th join Captain Mike for a Birding Tour & Fundraiser

Benefiting Richmond Audubon Society and Friends of the James River Park 

Featuring Arun Bose & Ralph White as your guides




James River Park license plates  

are now making money for the Park!   

license plate
Yours is just a click away at:


If you're already a proud owner, remember to renew!    


Chapel Island  


Check out the progress on Chapel Island.  When you are in the Shockoe Bottom, go to Great Shiplock Park and hop over to the new Chapel Island site.  Richmond Regional Planning District Commission, Department of Parks and Recreation's Nathan Burrell (interim Park superintendent & trail manager), along with dozens of volunteers have spear-headed turning this neglected wild area into a user friendly site for walking, birding, and paddling.


Conservation Easement 

Another successful Conservation Easement inspection was completed recently.  All parcels of the Park protected by the easement must be inspected each year to be sure the areas remain natural and unchanged.  

Pick up the Poop and Don't Pollute! 
City of Richmond posted billboards last October to encourage pet owners to pick up and dispose of their dogs' waste, and the Friends are huge supporters of this campaign. To further the effort, park visitors will see signs advising owners to pick up pet waste and in many locations they will find bag stations available.  


  Make a difference   

Become a member



Keep it clean/Keep it green 
Volunteer/Pitch In 
Check out the event/volunteer calendar on our website: jamesriverpark.org.  Join in to meet river lovers like you and help preserve our park!  We'll be partnering with Chesapeake Bay Foundation and other river groups this season     





It's Spring

Wear Your Park Colors 


Now you can order your Friends T-shirts on line.  Check out the updated website, jamesriverpark.org  or purchase them at  

Riverside Outfitters (6836 Old Westham Rd. Richmond, VA 23225)  

TaZa Coffee n Creme (5047 Forest Hill Ave., Richmond, VA 23225)


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See you in the Park!
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