Water Flows Downhill

Many of you likely think of the James only as that ribbon of water that cuts through our city. Sure, it lends its name to our beloved James River Park, but what else do you really know about it?

Use Caution on the River!

As we get into warmer and warmer weather, many of us will partake in one of Richmond’s favorite pastimes: Enjoying the James River. It’s not a water park. There are no lifeguards. It’s a swift-moving river, full of currents, eddies, and rapids – some of them dangerous!

A New Bathhouse at Pony Pasture!

Most people don’t get excited about some bathroom renovations in a park, especially when that bathroom is closed to the public. But we used this time to renovate the bathrooms at Pony Pasture!

Bringing Back the Woods

We’ve remained busy during our quarantine, and one of our ongoing projects has been the improvement of Huguenot Flatwater. We’ve been working tirelessly to clear some of the invasive plant species that were choking out native plants. We sometimes even employed goats!