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We are grateful to the photographers who granted us permission to use their photographs on this website. A small selection are from our archives and we hope we have mentioned everyone.

  • Rich Young
  • Dave Parrish
  • Ken Hobson
  • Bob Jones, Jr

A special thank you

Rich Young took the majority of the photographs used on this website. We are incredibly grateful to him for allowing us to use his photos and for being such a good sport when we had special requests.

The James River Park is beautiful, but never more memorable than when viewed through Rich Young’s camera lens. Rich and his pup Rush walk the park daily, documenting flora, fauna and the many RVAers out there enjoying the park.

Everyone seems to know Rich — park staff and volunteers, outdoor adventure trip leaders, park regulars are all quick with a Hi Rich! and an exchange of river stories. He is always a reliable source of park happenings.

He is also the photographer for the official JRPS Instagram account @jamesriverpark. Make sure you follow that and check out his personal Instagram account @sandys_dad.

And if you see Rich in the park, please give him a big THANK YOU!


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