Friends Announces Lead Gift for Park Master Plan

The Board of Directors of the FOJRP is pleased to announce it has made a $50,000 lead gift in support of the development of a long-range James River Park Master Plan. The total cost of the plan will be $250,000 and it will be developed in partnership with the consulting firms of VHB and Hargreaves once funding has been secured.

Get Healthy in the Outdoors

The number one benefit of outdoor activity is stress reduction and the James River Park has so much to offer. Come check us out!

JRPS Adopts Leave No Trace Principles

Beginning in 2018, the JRPS became a “Leave No Trace Parks and Municipalities Partner.” This initiative marks a big change for the JRPS and goes beyond the “Pack it in, Pack it out” rule many of us are familiar with.

2018 National Invasive Species Awareness Week

Join members of the JRPS Invasive Plant Task Force, starting Feb. 25 for a week full of events designed to raise awareness, highlight solutions and provide hands-on opportunities for you to join the campaign to remove invasive species from the Park. Activities will be held in multiple locations throughout the park system and include botanist-guided walks, observing goats as they munch offending plants or getting in on that action by helping free-a-tree.