Today in the Park

Are you heading to the park today? Then you may want to take a look below. For more in-depth info about locations and parking or park rules and safety, go to Getting there »

Park Improvements

Manchester Climbing Wall update

Work continues at the wall in February and March -- this may affect access.

River Conditions


From the U.S. Geological Survey site, upriver in Cartersville, the closest official temperature gauge. The James in Richmond will be within a few degrees of this site. Check the temps »

James River Watch

This website, sponsored by the James River Association, gives recreational users of the James River and its tributaries up to date information on river conditions. You can search by Boating, Fishing or Swimming. Check the James »

Water Level, Actual

Call (804) 646-8228, x 4, for water-level information. Or scroll down to James River, Westham Gauge on this U.S. Geological Survey page. Check the water level »

Water Level, Predicted

From the National Weather Service River levels and predictions for the James River, Westham gauge. Check predicted water levels »

When Do I Need a Lifejacket or a High Water Permit? 

By law, when water levels are at 5 feet and above at the Westham Gauge, everyone on the river must wear a lifejacket. When water levels are at 9 feet or above, no one is allowed on the river without a high water permit. To get a high water permit from Fire Station 13 at 411 E. Commerce Rd., call 804-646-8296.

Remember -- life jackets save lives!

   autumn leaves

The Park in Winter

It's never too cold to visit the park, but are you wondering what to do once you get there? Go bird-watching! With the leaves off the trees, they are easier to spot. Visit the Richmond Audubon Society website for general information about birding in Richmond.

For a comprehensive weather report, visit the National Weather Service Richmond page »