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white-tailed deer
Odocoileus virginianus
Family: Cervidae

Herbivore / Prey
Native to Virginia

White-tailed Deer Factsheet

White-tailed Deer

white-tailed deer

The white-tailed deer is a large ungulate found throughout the James River Park System. Subsisting on a variety of plants, the white-tailed deer lives in heavily forested areas with dense undergrowth for camouflage and food purposes.

Recorded activity in the James River Park

Deer are everywhere in the Park. Fawns, does and bucks appear over and over at multiple locations day and night -- in forests, open meadows, wetlands, trails and on islands. An official estimate of the deer population is in development for 2016 to support the Park's invasive species management plan -- because, one thing we know for sure -- they aren't eating the invasives ...

Shreddin' the velvet on Vimeo.

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