The James River Park System - Richmond, VA

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South Geology Tour

Stop 7e: Blasting Stone

DIRECTIONS: Walk towards the south bank. You will find an area leading back to the concrete path. Look at the rocks around that opening. (37.526246° N, 077.454274° W)

The quarrying of granite blocks was a laborious and expensive process. Most quarries went bankrupt between 1900 and 1910 with the development of cheap, steel-reinforced concrete that we see in buildings, sidewalks, and roadways today.

blasting rock

With careful searching, you can find large drill holes, some going completely through boulders. This was done with modern equipment in the late 1960s. The holes were filled with dynamite  that  blasted a trench for the Combined-Stormsewer-Overflow pipe. You walked on this pipe to get here.

blasting hole

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