The James River Park System - Richmond, VA

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North Geology Tour

Stop 3: Written in Stone

DIRECTIONS: Continue along the bridge and down the ramp. Stop at the stone marker on your right. (37.531486° N, 077.450385° W)

The Belle Isle marker was cut from a Richmond quarry. This type of rock is called PETERSBURG GRANITE, a geologic formation first identified in the Fall Zone city of Petersburg, VA.

Belle Isle marker

What are the three types of rocks?

  1. IGNEOUS -- rocks formed as MAGMA (molten rock) cools
  2. METAMORPHIC -- rocks that have undergone a change in structure by heat and pressure or chemical reaction
  3. SEDIMENTARY -- rocks broken down by weathering and cemented back together

Which type of rock is granite?
Granite is IGNEOUS rock, formed as magma solidifies far below the earth’s surface.

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