The James River Park System - Richmond, VA

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North Geology Tour

Stop 1: Time to Rock

[Lat/Long Coordinates: 37.53476 N, 077.44831 W] To orient yourself, use the aerial view and google map below.

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DIRECTIONS: Walk from the Tredegar St. parking lot westward, up the ramp and stop at the beginning of the Hanging Bridge.

Geologic Time: Eons, Eras, and Periods

How old is the earth?
The 300 meter long (984-ft) bridge you are standing on represents the length of the earth’s age. Man's existence appears at the end of the bridge as a sliver about 0.7 millimeters wide, less than the thickness of a penny!

Scientists estimate:

  • The earth formed about 4.5 billion years ago.
  • Life began 3.6 billion years ago
  • The age of the rock in the Fall Zone is about 330 million years old
  • Homo sapiens (humans) evolved 0.1 MYA (MYA=Million Years Ago)

geologic time graph

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