The James River Park System - Richmond, VA

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North Geology Tour

Stop 5: Raging Rapids

DIRECTIONS: Continue walking along the path to a "T" intersection and turn right. Continue until you reach the paved ramp on your right. (37.52990° N, 077.45440° W)

You are at Hollywood Rapids, Class III - IV whitewater created by water flowing over granite rocks augmented by the steep elevation change over the width of the Fall Zone. The severity of the rapids increases as the gradient gets steeper or the height of the river rises.


Richmond is one the few U.S. cities where kayakers can take on challenging rapids in an urban setting. (left photo; This granite pyramid was built in 1869 to honor the more than 18,000 confederate soldiers who died in battle. (right photo)

FACT! On the top of the north bank, Hollywood Cemetery, the namesake of the rapids, holds the remains of several presidents and local heroes. Many elaborate headstones in the cemetery are made from Petersburg Granite, as is the base of Old City Hall and the curbs and cobblestones of Shockoe Slip.

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