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Tackle some ivy for Invasive Species Awareness Week

February 24, 2016 -- That innocent-looking English Ivy has an evil alter ego. Left alone, it will swarm up native trees and choke them, crowd out plants that feed butterflies and other native species, and play host to tree-killing pathogens. And it has lots of company, from Japanese honeysuckle to porcelain berry vine to our old friend English Ivy.

Invasive plants may not look dangerous, but they threaten our entire James River ecosystem. National Invasive Species Awareness Week is the perfect time to get to know these culprits and how you can help get rid of them -- at home, at work, and at the river. Visit the National Invasive Species Awareness Week website or join us on the river and help with removal.

Progress at 42nd Street

Feb 22, 2016 -- On Saturday 17 students from the VCU RIP team removed English Ivy at a site near 42nd St parking lot. The group filled 13 Xtra huge bags with English Ivy and other invasives.

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