Use of this Baseline Document

As described in the Overview section, a Baseline Document is the permanent record of the physical conditions, buildings and structures, roads, features and conservation values of the property at the time of the recordation of the conservation easement. 

The BDR is the detailed inventory intended to provide the grantee(s) the ability to monitoring the status of the property and ensure that it is being maintained and protected as the CE stipulates and requires.  In 2008, this notebook provides the best “description” of the property available now, for comparison and evaluation of the property in the future.  (Note: Some BLDs are required to be “unalterable”, such as in hardbound books, photos on film stock with negatives instead of digital images, etc.).  This is an important consideration for the long-term use and validity of this BLD, generations from now!

Relatively soon, all the information in this document should be translated back into a digital format, which should be stored on some permanent media and posted on several websites, such as the City of Richmond’s and those of other land conservation agencies.

Field inspections with this notebook and a handheld GPS are adequate for now.  In the future, an in-the-field computer, with map screen displays and reliable GPS, will streamline evaluating and reporting.  Best wishes to future generations for conserving and protecting the precious resources and beauty of the James River Park System.

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