Other BLD Materials

Pictures & Captions in either a Word or PowerPoint document, photographed most, if not all resources in each parcel, and captions explained either subject, location and direction of view.

GPS Coordinate Points per picture, with description and viewpoint, in Excel Appendices.  Handheld Global Positioning System location devices were used to identify the location from which picture was taken.  It is important to note that the accuracy of these readings is usually within 15 to 25 feet per cardinal direction, so their location is an aid, rather that being totally accurate. 

These geocoordinate positions are fed into a Geographic Information System (GIS), a sophisticated mapping & information computer, which generates little d markers on the map in that GPS location.  For this BLD, they are labeled by each photo’s number (such as P.14), which can be seen in the photo section discussed above.  However, the next iteration of these maps could hyper-link a photo (or other information) to the photopoint, so when touched by a cursor or arrow, the specific photograph, or its geocoordinates, or other information would be immediately displayed.

It should be emphasized that this process is data-heavy and there may be a few errors in the GPS coordinates or in their transcription to the photopoint appendix.  Please report these to the project coordinator.

GIS Parcel Maps were prepared with invaluable assistance from the VA Outdoors Foundation, these maps display the main features of each parcel and the photopoints.  Special thanks to them for finding and utilizing a 2006 flyover as the base land use imagery.

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