Narrative Description

Each parcel is identified, referred to in the appropriate CE map, located, and described with respect to boundaries.
The narrative then describes:

It is important to identify several shortcomings in the efforts to inventory and evaluate each parcel’s resources.  Effort was make to show on the maps specific environmental factors such as perennial and intermittence streams and wetlands in these area, as well ad a 50 and 100 year flood plain.  Most of these constitute the City’s Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas (CBPAs), which are designated by City ordinance to protect water quality resources, and provide adequate buffers for them.  City and state information on these areas would not transfer well to the GIS mapping developed for this project. 

Similarly, information from the state Department of Historic Resources did not integrate easily into the database, and the Division of Natural Heritage, when it identifies important plant or animal resources, tends to show generalized 500 – 1,000 foot vicinity, to discourage disturbance of poaching.

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