Riverside Meadows Greenspace(AREA 1-B)

Park Parcel Map, Boundary and Features:  No CE Exhibit available at this time.
Parcel donated to City by Historic James Greenbelt Corp in  19?? , with extensive restrictions on use.  Donated expressly to become part of James River Park System.  Have obtained deeds of property and several maps from City’s Property Assessment Dept; CE map expected in time for CE adoption.
Common Park Name:   Riverside Meadow Greenspace

Description of Location

Riverside Meadow Greenspace Park is located on Riverside Drive, about halfway between Huguenot Flatwater Park and Pony Pasture Park.  It is located across the street from the Southampton Quarry, and is approximately 0.3 acres in size; it is about 325 feet long, about 40 feet wide at tis westend, about 70 feet wide at the east boundary.

Existing Conditions

Riverside Meadow Greespace is comprised of approximately less than a third-acre of shoreline alongside Riverside Drive beginning at the Z Dam and heading east (ppt B.5).  It is a long narrow strip of sparsely spaced trees and a large, round, open area of turf grass (ppt B.2) with a footpath running through it (ppt B.8). Large boulders line the property line adjacent to Riverside Drive.

Buildings and structures

There are no buildings or structures present at Riverside Meadow Greenspace, but there are several signs.


There are no utility easements recorded .


There are no services.

Conservation Values

Natural Resources Values:  Approx. 70 feet of riverfront property on the James River.  Limited access, footpath only.  Natural Heritage resources unknown.

Scenic Values: Excellent views of the James River from its south shore; flatwater and some rocks.  Good views of north shore of James.  

Landscape Values: Lightly wooded at west end, mostly open green space with turf.

Historic Values: None known, but property related to old Southampton Quarry.  John W Pearsall (and others) formation of Historic James Greenbelt  Corporation, with extensive use restrictions, a noteworthy, early land conservation initiative. Its subsequent donation to JRPS noteworthy too.

Other BLD Materials

  1. RMG I –B: Pictures & Captions: 2 pages, 8 pictures with captions
  2. RMG Appendix B: GIS coord points, photos, captions and/or descriptions
  3. GIS map with major features identified, 8 GIS photopoints