Huguenot Flatwater Park (AREA 1-A)

Park Parcel Map, Boundary and Features:  Exhibit CE 0010 (Rev)
Map Title:   Property along the South Bank of the James River, Between the Willow Oaks Country  Club and the Huguenot Bridge
Common Park Name:   Huguenot Flatwater Park

Description of Location

Huguenot Flatwater Park is located directly underneath the Huguenot Bridge on the western edge of the city. It is bordered on the north by the James River, to the east by Rattlesnake Creek, to the south by Riverside Drive and to the west by Old Southampton Road.

Existing Conditions

The park is comprised of two gravel parking lots, river access steps, and a series of footpaths throughout the 37-acre park.  The main parking lot accommodates approximately 28-32 vehicles (photopoints, or “ppts” A.1 & A.2).  It includes a temporary porta potty and a changing room (pp A.5). The river access steps are located at the north end of the parking lot at the river (ppt  A.7 & 8). To the west of the main parking lot and boat ramp exists a trail with a footbridge over a creek (ppt A.12) and stairs leading to a viewpoint of the remains of Old Westham Bridge (ppts  A.13 &14).

To the east of the main parking lot begin the series of footpaths, which cross underneath the Huguenot Bridge and continue through the forest part of the park. There are also several side paths that lead to the shoreline, which provide access to bank fishing.  The paths lead out to a second much smaller parking lot, which fronts on Riverside Drive just east of Huguenot Bridge (ppt A.19), that can accommodate 6-8 vehicles; it is often used by bicyclists and runners on weekends.

Buildings and Structures

The existing structures at Huguenot Flatwater Park include a temporary portapotty and changing room (ppt A.5), several benches and wooden footbridges along the paths (ppts A.12, A.17), and several trash/recycling bins along the trails and in the parking lots.  At the main entrance of the park there is an interpretive sign about Old Westham Bridge.  There are also several signs listing the rules and offering information throughout the park.


There is a Richmond City Sewer easement shown on Exhibit CE 0010 (Rev) on the east side of the property, and there is believed to be an easement for a waterline as well.  There is also a VDOT easement for the Huguenot Bridge, which runs through the middle of the park.


There are no services at Huguenot Flatwater Park.

Conservation Values

Natural Resources Values:  Approx. 2,000 feet of riverfront property on the James River.  Several water access areas (non-motorized, ie canoe/ kayak/ tubing) and limited wading & swimming.  Two gravel parking lots, primitive facilities. Network of small paths throughout property, with several good fishing areas, and mostly undisturbed plant and animal communities.  Natural Heritage resources unknown.

Scenic Values: Excellent views of the James River from its south shore; flatwater and some rocks.  Good views of north shore of James.

Landscape Values:  Mostly wooded and undisturbed floodplain and wilderness area
Historic Values:  Remains of old Westham Bridge location, some surviving footings. 

Other BLD Materials

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