James River Park License Plates

We're working hard to gather 350 completed James River Park System Virginia license plate applications in time for the next General Assembly in early January. 

Our next foray into the South of the James Farmers' Market will be Oct. 30th, from 8 until noon. Anyone who signs up for a license plate at the market gets a FREE membership to FOJRP! 

If you just can't wait to get your application, simply go to our web site www.jamesriverpark.org and click on the license plate application on our home page. It's an easy process and will cost you only $25 for a standard plate, $35 for a vanity plate. Please help us get this done! Tell your neighbors, friends, and co-workers!

If you would like your business to hand out applications, please email us at fojrp@mindspring.com and we'll get you multiple applications. If you are interested in helping us with this project, we'd love to hear from you at the above email. Thanks!

Visit our new FOJRP website

So our web site has been purring nicely for almost two weeks. If you're reading this, you're experienceing one of the new features this major improvement has allowed us--a fancy e-news template instead of lots of little random emails from us.

If you haven't clicked around http://www.jamesriverpark.org/ yet, we want you to know about some of the user-friendly improvements we've instigated. Folks can sign up for e-news, find maps, park publications, descriptions of park sites, and links to our river and parks-loving partners. To ease the paperwork, you can join or renew membership online and donate to the general fund and/or the Protection and Preservation Fund. We're happy to see some folks have found those pretty PayPal buttons and put them to good use! If you sign up to volunteer, you'll hear back from our new volunteer Volunteer Coordinator, Elaine Marolla. Or email her directly at elainemarolla@yahoo.com.

We hope the information on the site and the ease of interaction for our members and park-lovers will empower people to get involved and help take care of Richmond's outdoorsy oasis.

Hands On Greater Richmond at the Pumphouse
More than 30 volunteers came out to Pumphouse Park on Saturday, October 16th to clear brush that had taken over the old and original James River Canal. It was a beautiful day and FOJRP so appreciates the good cheer and hard work of everyone who signed up through Hands On Greater Richmond.

Hands On Greater Richmond volunteers do the heavy lifting
Hands On Richmond Volunteers
It's Hip to be Generous
FOJRP prez walked into Halycon Vintage Clothing in the Fan to drop off license plate applications and was greeted by owner Connie Carroll's words, "Oh, let me write you a check." Wow! One would think it wouldn't get any better than that, but then Jay Leavitt, of nearby Deep Groove Records, echoed Connie's offer. Both businesses had run rummage sales recently and a percentage of the proceeds went to FOJRP. All told, each business donated $250 to FOJRP. How cool is that? As cool as Deep Groove Records and Halcyon, methinks. Both Connie and Jay remarked how happy people were knowing the money was going to help the James River Park System. Thanks so much to everyone who participated and to Connie and Jay for thinking of FOJRP.

Our pals at Riverside Outfitters are consistently great stewards of the park, showing residents and visitors alike how to enjoy the water and the woods in RVA. Recently they showed FOJRP how much they care about the JRPS when they donated more than $1000 to us!! Speechless, we were. We are so appreciative of such amazing generosity. Partners like RO make Richmond and the James River Park System a more vibrant place to be. Be sure to thank Matt Perry and Scott Turner when you see them around the park.

Finally, The Boathouse at Rockett's Landing Watershed Special continues to benefit FOJRP. We've received more than $3,000 from the only restaurant in town that overlooks the James River (and part of the JRPS) since this great promotion started in the summer, and we sure are grateful for it! Eat a delicious seasonal sampler that highlights the bounty of the James River and you'll be helping the Friends protect and improve the JRPS. We feel lucky to have such partners in the park.
Friends of James River Park
PO 4453
Richmond, Virginia 23220