Capital Region Collaboration Postponed

The Capital Region Collaboration presentation at JROC's next meeting, Wednesday, Dec. 1st at Legend Brewery at 6 p.m. has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict. JROC will still meet and your attendance is still welcomed.

Capital Ale House Thursdays in December

Capital Ale House will be the place(s) to be the next five Thursday evenings. FOJRP will be the Community Chest recipient for all of December, so anyone who brings this  Capital Ale House FOJRP flyer to any Capital Ale House location Thursday evenings in December will have 25% of their table's food purchases donated to the Friends of James River Park. Such a deal! 


This Thursday, Dec. 2nd is the first one, and many of us will be at the 623 E. Main Street location catching up and meeting new friends. Hope to see you there! Please spread the word around to others who might be inclined to head out for a fun night on the town--whether in town or out at the South Side or West End (or Fredericksburg) locations, too! Remember, you MUST have the flyer with you for this generous promotion to work its charm.

Let's Make January a Cause for Celebration

At last check, we are in need of 189 James River Park license plate applications before the January General Assembly session. Time is of the essence! Over the months we've heard from enough people enthusiastic about the license plates for us to hit the 350 completed applications by January, but the truth is that not enough people have followed through on the 1 page application yet. We need your help to get us over the top. Remember all those Girl Scout cookies you bought from your neighbors. It's payback time, friends! Please give your neighbors and co-workers an application and the soft sell (or the hard sell--whatever works!) on behalf of the chronically underfunded James River Park System.


And for the person who has everything this holiday season, give him or her the promise of beautiful James River Park license plates. It's a green gift--no wrapping necessary-- and it will add park pride to the owner's vehicle. Sure the recipient won't get the actual plates until early summer, but by then you'll get double the credit for your thoughtfulness, and they'll be reminded of you every time they ogle their plates.


The General Assembly needs to see at least 350 completed applications from us by the start of the session. If every one of our FOJRP members fills out 1 license plate application (or convinces one other person to fill one out), we'd reach our goal easily, and we'd all be tickled to be the first owners of our pretty Park plate. January can be depressing enough around town without us sending back hundreds of checks to disappointed park-lovers. Let's make January a cause for celebration, please!!!! Your registration and your checkbook ($25 or $35) are all you need to complete this task that will eventually transform FOJRP's budget from a drought-stricken boulder zone to a roaring river of income. We believe it's crucial for the Friends to secure this dependable stream of income in light of uncertain budgetary times for parks. Thanks so much for your help in reaching our goal this January.

Friends of James River Park
PO 4453
Richmond, Virginia 23220