It's A Wonderful License Plate

We don't need Clarence the angel's help to get our 350 completed license plate applications by January--we need YOURS! We've received more than 175 completed applications so far, but we need another 175 this next month to make this dream a reality. I believe, but Friends of James River Park needs all of our members and friends to send applications in today! (Pay with PayPal at www.jamesriverpark.org  and get the application and info)

Here are 5 ways to help us get the plate now:


#1 Think of the people who have made the park possible--Jack Keith, Jr., Joe Schaefer, Louise Burke, R.B. Young, and so many more. Buy a plate in their honor. I'm giving Louise a plate as a small token of appreciation for her work with her Girl Scout troop and concerned neighbors saving Pony Pasture from becoming a highway in the 1960's. I'm a Brownie drop-out and I do NOT want to compound that humilation with having to tell Louise that she'll never get a James River Park System license plate. Let's get this done! Whom do you want to honor? 


#2 Please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. SportsBackers, Dominion RiverRock and our James River Park Facebook page will keep the buzz going with your help.


#3 Ask your friends and neighbors. Have their walks, runs, paddles, and bike rides in the James River Park System given them $25 worth of value this year?  It's time to give the JRPS a present for all it has done for all of us. 


#4 If you know of any large-scale event coming up (even in January) where park-lovers would be gathering and we could set up a table to promote the plates, please let us know at friends@jamesriverpark.org and perhaps volunteer to staff such tables.


#5 For the person who has everything this holiday season, give him or her the promise of beautiful James River Park license plates. It's a green gift--no wrapping necessary-- and it will add park pride to the owner's vehicle when they receive it in June. They'll be reminded of you every time they ogle their plates.


FOJRP believes it is crucial for the Friends to secure this dependable stream of income (once we have 1000 plates on the road, FOJRP gets $15 of every renewal and new application over that) in light of uncertain budgetary times for parks. We have composting toilets, trailhead signs, kiosks, trail markers and more we'd like to purchase and programs we'd like to underwrite so everyone can enjoy the park for years to come. Thanks so much for your help in clearing the first hurdle of our license plate campaign this January.

Maureen Egan,

President, FOJRP

Capital Ale House Thursdays in December

Capital Ale House was a lively place last Thursday with at least 25 park-lovers, including Ralph White and J.R. Pope eating, drinking, and being merry together. Every Thursday evening in December FOJRP will be the Community Chest recipient, so anyone who brings this  Capital Ale House FOJRP flyer to any Capital Ale House location Thursday evenings in December will have 25% of their table's food purchases donated to the Friends of James River Park.  


This Thursday, Dec. 9th, many of us will be at the 623 E. Main Street location catching up and meeting new friends. Hope to see you there! Please spread the word around to others who might be inclined to head out for a fun night on the town--whether in town or out at the South Side or West End (or Fredericksburg) locations, too! Remember, you MUST have the flyer with you for this generous promotion to work.

Friends of James River Park
PO 4453
Richmond, Virginia 23220