Dreaming of JRPS License Plates

By the time you read this, we will have more than 200 completed James River Park license plate applications. Cause for celebration? Yes and no. We need to present the General Assembly with 350 completed license plate applications this January to make these pretty plates a reality and get them on our cars for summer 2011, so we still need your help. Please don't wait another day! It's what your car wants for Christmas. (Your car totally understands that it has to wait till summer for the plate to be made and delivered by DMV.)




Since the James River Park looks like a wintry fairyland (and I sound like a broken record), here's a recently discovered version--luckily with no audio--of your car singing White Christmas.... Sing along!


"I'm dreaming of a JRPS license plate, just like the ones I've never known. Which plate-less cars and drivers covet, and we'll just love it, showing pride in Richmond's very own.


I'm dreaming of a JRPS license plate, with every Christmas drive, I wait. May your walks, runs, paddles, and bike rides be GREAT...and may all RVA vehicles get JRPS plates."


Don't make me do Twelve Days of Christmas!


Please help us stop bothering you about this!  You can get all the information and the application and pay with PayPal at www.jamesriverpark.org. We really appreciate your spreading the word any way you can. 


Capital Ale House Thursdays in December

Capital Ale Houses all over town are the places to be Thursdays in December since FOJRP is the Community Chest recipient. It's such a sociable way to support the park. If you're in the mood for a night out, bring this  flyer to any Capital Ale House location Thursday evenings in December to have 25% of your table's food purchases donated to the Friends of James River Park.   www.capitalalehouse.com


Remember, you MUST have the flyer with you for this generous promotion to work. Thanks so much for spreading the word!

Winter Solstice Celebration
For the third year in a row, FOJRP is marking the Winter Solstice with a low-key yet heartwarming gathering on Belle Isle. Meet at the Tredegar side of the Belle Isle Pedestrian Bridge at 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 21st to walk across the river as the sun sets. We'll warm ourselves up with togetherness, perhaps a poem or two and by giving gifts to the amazingly devoted JRPS staff. Bring your own hot chocolate (and a flashlight). 
Friends of James River Park
PO 4453
Richmond, Virginia 23220