What We Do

We have an extensive to-do list, including longer-term projects initiated by our volunteer board and tasks requested by JRPS staff. Here are some highlights:

1. Get Out in the Park

Organize quarterly Riverside Drive cleanups, take part in annual Park inspections, assist with the JRAC annual clean-up, coordinate volunteers all over the park, plant and paint as needed.

2. Raise Funds

We’ve established the FOJRP Protection and Preservation Fund, and the James River Park System License Plate to augment city budgets.

3. Spread the word about the JRPS

Our website, newsletters, and e‐mails to members provide updated information about Richmond’s most popular park. We also represent the park at special events such as Earth Day and Dominion RiverRock, selling park pamphlets and maps to help folks navigate the twists and turns of JRPS. Some years, we offer a Secrets of the James River Park bus tour for interested local groups.

4. Support Park Staff

Help fund, edit, and promote park publications, fund a new dump trailer and other park equipment, support educational enrichment of staff, fund park signs, kiosks, and special monuments, expedite donations of trash bins and benches.  

5. Engage in Special Projects

We’re collaborating on an oral history project with the VCU History department about the origins of the park system, promoting greenways in the region, and we’re seeking adjacent land to expand the park.

We also conduct the annual inspection of the James River Park System to ensure that the Conservation Easement is being honored. (Recorded Easement, PDF doc)

6. Have a Picnic (or maybe two)

The Friends host an annual picnic at the Pumphouse with live music and local artists. Lots of fun! More events coming. Stay tuned!

If you’d like to help out, volunteer!


The Pine Camp Art Institute improved the view of the Pumphouse, painting a bridge scene over its boarded up windows. The Friends funded and organized this project.

FOJRP display

Tyvek maps? We’ve got ‘em.


Molly Dellinger‐Wray divulges park secrets during one of the FOJRP’s City Council bus tours.